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Commercial & Industrial Products

Polyurea Spray Coatings

A fast cure extremely durable (90-95 durometer) spray-on polyurea coating used for most industrial and commercial applications. Originally developed for use on steel shipping racks to protect automotive parts. The M-25 is our most commonly used coating.

A softer more flexible polyurea coating with physical properties similar to our M-25 polyurea. This coating offers a softer surface hardness of 65 durometer. This type of coating is preferred and used where a gripper surface to hold parts is required.

An extremely soft flexible polyurea coating (40-45 durometer) with good physical properties. This product was originally developed for use with outdoor metal playground equipment.

Our softest polyurea coating (35-40 durometer), good physical properties. Originally developed as a coating to medical foam pads to replace plastisol dip type pads.

A specially formulated structural polyurea coating developed to be used for chemical tank linings, waste water holding tanks, fish farm tanks, shipping containers, in-house work stations, or as a coating over concrete surfaces.

IC-202-2 Potable Water Structural Coating System
IC 202-2 is a specially formulated, fast curing plural component structural polyurea blend developed as a durable pipeline coating with superior physical properties and corrosion resistance for extended life that meets or exceeds ASTM 1216 CIPP Standards.

An spray-on aliphatic polyurea coating which is highly resistant to UV damage caused through extended long term exposure to outside storage. Originally developed for outdoor playground equipment.

A specially developed Flame Retardant polyurea coating with excellent physical properties.

Special Use Products

Wrap-Cote Tape
Ready to use polyurea coated peel and stick 1/16" foam back tape used to adhere to any surface to provide protect from impact type. The tape uses our softer IC-800 polyurea along with 1/16" foam to provide excellent protection. Wrap-Cote tape was originally developed for use with shipping racks.

Reusable Polyurea Masks
Originally developed several years ago for use on automotive paint lines to replace expensive one time use plastic paint mask. Reusable masks can be made to serve any application where long term protection from airborne contamination or other type of damage protection is required.

ARA-10 Pot Hole Repair Additive
A two part "Green Product" designed as an additive to asphaltic cold patch material to provide extended life and better adhesion when doing pot hole repairs on both concrete and asphalt surfaces.

ICOE Odor Eliminator
An all natural "Green Product" which was developed to eliminate odors rather than masking odors. The product which was originally used at waste treatment plants Inhibits the growth of both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. Used in leachate ponds, biofilters, filter cake presses, compost piles, livestock pens and other odor producing environments.

CC Demo-100 Dust Control
Spray-on blended polymers developed for use during demolition projects to help stabilize and suppress harmful on-site airborne contamination.

Polyaspartic Floor Coating Products

An elastomeric polyaspartic coating originally developed as an alternative coating to epoxy floor coatings. SBR-10 is a fast setting, high gloss, UV stable, chemical resistant flexible floor coating that will not crack or fade.

SBR 10-CS (Concrete Sealer)
A variation of our SBR-10 formulation used for deeper penetration into concrete or porous surfaces. This product was first developed for use on outdoor pavers to protect the surface while providing a non-slippery surface.

SBR 10-FS (Fast Set)
A fast setting formulation using a federally exempt solvent which offers a faster set time and thinner coating thickness than our SBR-10 while maintaining the same high performance properties of our SBR-10 coatings. SBR10FS can be used as a standalone product or as a base primer because of its deeper penetration and coverage.

SBR 10-T(Thick)
A special thickening additive added to our SBR-10 formulation allows the coating to be applied to vertical walls without runs or sagging in the coating.

SBR 10-TF(Thick Flexible)
Offers the thickness of the SBR-10T with plus additional flexibility (125% elongation) for applications where higher build is necessary along with accommodating any surface movement.

Crack Fillers

CF-40 Crack Filler
A fast setting, self leveling, flexible two part polyurea used for outdoor expansion joints, and other cracks. Usually dispensed by through dual cartridge air assisted or mechanical gun.

CF-85 Crack Filler
A fast setting, self leveling, semi-flexible two part polyurea used for in-door expansion joints and cracks. Usually dispensed through a dual cartridge air assisted or mechanical gun.


OH Primer
A silane based primer used on concrete, steel, and metal surfaces to Improve adhesion and commonly used to drying light amounts of surface moisture on concrete surfaces.

ReCoat Primers
A single component moisture activated polyurethane primer to provide bonding to existing coated surfaces.

ESP Primers
A specially formulated rubber based primer developed to improve adhesion of our polyurea coatings to foam and plastic materials.