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Wetting Agent
(CC Wet) CC Wet - Products - InstaCote

CC Wet stabilizes radiological,
beryllium, asbestos and other
hazardous contamination. Airborne
contamination can be reduced using
CC Wet as a fine mist. Both
accessible and inaccessible surfaces
are stabilized using CC Wet.

Ducts, areas behind and under
equipment, pipes in the overhead are
all examples of inaccessible areas
typically found in a contaminated

CC wet

CC Wet is used as a first step in a two step approach to fix contamination on surfaces. The application of a fixative on unstabilized surfaces will re-suspend loose contamination and cause airborne issues. Application of CC Wet prevents this from happening. Once the surface has been stabilized with CC Wet a fixative is applied. When CC Fix is sprayed over CC Wet the loose contamination is re-hydrated and adsorbed into the matrix of the fix. The result of this process is a hard coating that controls the contamination.

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