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Epoxy Surface Protector (CC Epoxy SP) CC Epoxy SP - Products - Instacote

CC Epoxy SP controls contamination on floors, walls, equipment, and other industrial surfaces in high traffic areas.  

This epoxy provides a more robust coating than a typical fixative. Contaminated areas that require continued access are candidates for the use of CC Epoxy SP.

It is a two-part epoxy consisting of a resin and hardener. CC Epoxy SP is brushed or rolled onto contaminated surfaces. The epoxy cures to a hard, resilient coating that can withstand heavy traffic, including for trucks and other wheeled vehicles.

Oily surfaces such as hard to reach areas under lathes and other machining equipment are stabilized using CC Epoxy SP. This will reduce the potential for worker contamination during removal of equipment.

CC Epoxy SP is used to control contamination on concrete surfaces that are exposed to the environment.

CC Epoxy SP is packaged in one gallon and five gallon kits.